Body of Work

"Yesterday Seemed Easier" Acrylic on paper 22x30"
                                              "Waves of Discontemptness" 9x12" graphic marker
                                                   "Someone There" 9x12" graphic marker
                                               "Radar Sphynx" 12x9" graphic marker and collage
                                                      "Denton Scene" 9x12" graphic marker
                                        "Zebra Friends" 11x14" graphic marker and watercolor
                                                     "Amoeba" 11x14" acrylic ink and posca
"The Grooviest Pet Shop" 11x14" acrylic ink and posca

"Dragging Me into The Next Dimension" 20x24" quilted and sewn fibers
“I Don’t Have Time to Feel Like This” graphic marker 9x12

   “There She Goes Again” 14x17” graphic marker and ink

“Lonely Island” 14x17” graphic marker and water color

"Dangerous Waters" 14x17" graphic marker

“You Deserve Better” 2019 9x12” graphic marker 

 “Used, But Not Surprised” 9x12” graphic marker and ink

"Distant Mind" graphic marker & watercolor 14x17"

"The One They Lead Us To" 14x11" graphic marker

   “These Same Four Walls” 14x17” graphic marker
"Lonely Island: Quilt Edition" 3x5' various fibers

"Triptych" graphic marker 
"I Caught the Ball, But What a Fall" graphic marker & watercolor 6x10"
"Space Kitty" watercolor, acrylic, ink 11x15"

"Lizard's Lair" acrylic, fibers on canvas 24x36"

"Time is an Illusion "recycled clock, vinyl, posca marker, wool, fur, spray paint
"Weave Peace" air-dry clay. acrylic gouache, wool, fur, yarn, wood base

 “To the Surface” 2022
Fibers, 2nd hand upholstery fabric, metal, wood

"Magical Mystery Mirror" 2022
Found mirror, fur, trim, paint pens, vinyl, ornaments


“Lone Identity Quilt”  2021

Fibers, wood, glue, tassels, clips

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