About the Artist

Ominous Outlooks is a surreal brand made to reach others in the places that they are in life. It is my voice to others and myself. My work is mostly 2D, with drawings and paintings, however, I sometimes experiment with fibers work and other sculpture. I got started with my small business about a few months after I moved to Denton in 2018 and have been running ever since. What sets my work out from other artists is the ominous nature of my art. I like to leave my work, not set on one meaning, but open for interpretation. This allows the viewer to take what they need for themselves from the art. What I am most proud of in my practice is the way I have reached others emotionally. I have suffered a great deal of trauma in my life and I’m trying to share the lessons I have learned through my art. Throughout my childhood and adult life, my imagination has guided me through the valleys and mountains. I hope through my art, that it will lead my viewers to better places as well.


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