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A Message From Me on COVID-19

It’s hard today. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and society is a shell of what it once was. We miss things. We miss yesterday. We miss walking around campus and seeing that one random stranger who you always see on your routine path. We miss parties, and openings, and standing around fires together. We miss each other. It is normal to miss things when they are ripped from you, but, in this troubling time, it is important to keep living. If not for the sake of yourself, for the sake of others. For me, and most artists, this means that we mustn’t forget to keep creating. Creating is living for us. It is our duty and role in life, especially for times like this. We play such an important role in society for so many reasons. We record. We tell the stories of times like this. We are the voices from and of movement or change. We document not only oppression, and hardship, but also victory and movement. Right now, we are once again experiencing change. We are isolated, a