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So Things Turned Out Differently Than You Expected...

     Maybe, it's for the better. This is a phrase that I have to remind myself frequently. So what? You didn't get what you wanted. What are you going to do now? You take a step back, a breath, a break. A gasp of air you needed so desperately.  A moment of  separation for you to really question if what you wanted was truly from you or someone else. People worry. They want the best for you, but sometimes that can be suffocating. Because what they think is best, might not be. and then we spend our days breaking our backs, pushing ourselves past our limits all because that is what's right? What? I've been thinking about the song "All-Star" and the so perfectly crafted lyrics,  "Only shooting stars break the mold" And also how great that song was in Shrek. And now I am thinking about Shrek, and how an ugly Ogre in a swap becomes the true hero. I think about how many of us live our lives thinking that we are hideous, burdens to society,  but we may be the

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